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Writing Update – Starforgers


I printed my novel outline for Starforgers and it was four pages long in landscape. This is the finished outline for the nearly finished novel. I’m down to the last two chapters for the first draft. It’s sitting at around 150 pages and about 80,000 words. Plenty of space left to wind the story down and wrap up all the loose subplots.

When I finish this draft I will probably take it to Kinkos and print it out. I did that with Tyrmia and it was much easier to edit that way, with a red pen. I know computers are awesome and all, but sometimes the change in format lets me see things I miss on the screen. It also lets me hold a heavy, tangible object. Which is good for my ego. Just look at this huge, heavy stack of paper. I wrote all those words. Every one of them. Then I start hacking on those words and trying to make them readable.




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