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Hamming it up again

This summer both of my sons have promised to get their Amateur Radio licenses. The youngest really wants to be able to talk on my radios and the oldest is less enthused but doesn’t want to be left out. I’m hoping that I can make the material interesting enough to get them through the Technician test.

People like to think that radio has been replaced by the internet but unless you’ve spoken to someone in another country using the ionosphere to propagate your signal, you just won’t get why it’s still so totally awesome. Analog technology has a softness to it that is lacking by the cold, digital internet. Besides, I can talk to the ISS on my radio and you can’t do that on your computer – nanner, nanner!

– 73

3 thoughts on “Hamming it up again”

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  2. Just so you know…the current tests expire at the end of this month. New tests start next month. I’m trying to upgrade my ticket, that’s how I found out.

    Good luck to both! It’s fun and if your school sets up a sked with ISS, you’ll maybe even get to help set up and be a control operator.


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