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Slowing Down

I’m trying to end my latest Space Opera novel, Starforgers and things seem to be grinding to a halt. I know how historic the action will be and I think that is giving me pause. I don’t want to do the story an injustice by writing a weak ending. It has to be epic. This is the story of how a thousand year long war started.

It also has to tie up or at least satisfactorily conclude  many loose threads in the plot. I can’t just have a character wonder off and never hear from him again. I have to make sure the hero is changed by the adventure. I also have to make sure it’s fun for the reader. So much pressure!

Normally, I’d be able to just plow through the ending and it’s not a problem. But I’ve deviated so much from my original outline I’ve almost got a new story. The thing that I don’t want to do, is botch this particular ending. It’s the beginning of the series and it must have enough weight and importance to justify the next two or more books.

So I’m moving much slower than I have for the entire rest of the novel. But I hope my extra effort will pay off for the story and the reader’s enjoyment.

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