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Baseball Season is Over

With a heart breaking lose to the Warriors last night, the baseball season draws to a close at the McConnell household. This Friday evening and Saturday morning my youngest will participate in a clinic to improve skills for the AA level of play he will be in next year. After that, we are DONE.

I expect to finish up my current Work In Progress (WIP) – Starforgers, in the next few weeks. I have to write the climax and then the denouement  and the first draft will be done. The plan is to let it sit for a few weeks and then hit the Second Draft hard. After that, I can begin to let beta readers have a crack at the novel. I’d like to keep that reading period to under a month so I can make correction and then send it to my editor.

In the mean time, I will be outlining the next book in the series – Starveyers. The goal will be to start writing that book later this year, possibly around the time Starforgers will be hitting the digital book shelves.

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