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Space Opera, My Way

I don’t write classic ray gun Space Opera. I don’t write the New Space Opera, whatever that is. I write My Space Opera. My Space Opera is part Military Science Fiction, part Sci-Fantasy, part Asimov, part Alan Dean Foster, and one hundred percent fun. I don’t write beautiful prose that makes you want to read it again and again and marvel at my turn of phrase. I write action-oriented stories about people who consider themselves ordinary, doing extraordinary things. My heroes are not always completely heroic and sometimes they stumble. But they persevere through all manner of roadblocks that I throw in their way, until they achieve their objective.

The science in my Science Fiction is not completely fantastical, nor is it grounded in boring realism. Most of it has some kernel of truth to it, some small part grounded in reality to make you believe it is possible.  The technology in my Space Opera is familiar, yet just enough different to make it interesting. The technology never gets in the way of the story. I don’t stop to explain orbital mechanics or time dilation. Just strap in, hunker down and get ready for a great show.

My novels read like a Saturday afternoon showing of Star Wars in 1977, when I was a teenager. They are cool and interesting and sometimes make you wonder about them, but mostly they make you want to come back. My universe is filled with possibilities that each story only begins to explore. It’s a big, deep and deadly universe but so many things are possible. I make you want to get up, stretch your legs and then pay for a second showing. Order another cold Coke and a second box of buttery popcorn. Dim the lights baby, skip the ads and get to the second feature!

That’s the kind of Space Opera I write. My Space Opera. Interested?

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