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Starforgers Progress

This weekend I surpassed the 200 page mark on Starforgers, my current Work In Progress. This is the first draft and I feel like its going to all come together in the second draft. I’m just plowing forward, working out plot details as I go and not worrying so much about word smithing.

The temptation is high to go back and either redue a chapter or edit it to perfection. But now is not the time to back petal. I have to keep pushing forward until the end. My goal is to get this draft finished before summer. Not sure if that will happen. But I’ll give it my best.

So far this novel has been a blast to write. So many fun things going on to write about and lots of subplots and different characters. It’s far more complex than Starstrikers. Being that this is my forth novel, it should be more complex and interesting. My writing skills have improved and I think readers will appreciate this novel more than any of the others I have written.

If you loved Starstrikers, hold on to your space helmet. This next chapter will send you into orbit!

NOTE:  We’ve been working on getting the Second Edition of Starstrikers out as a paperback. Hopefully we will have something by the first of summer. Stay tuned!


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