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Ballfield Cleanup and New Tires

Yesterday was Field Day at the local baseball park. Dads and moms and a few players even, grab shovels, rakes and gloves and go to town on the diamonds to make them ready for Spring baseball. Weeds are pulled, grass is mowed, diamond dust is spread out on infields, bases and base lines are painted. The back breaking work of many makes short order of the clean-up job and the kids are left with some awesome fields from which baseball memories will be made.

This year we endured cold, windy rain for the entire four hours of work. It was miserable. Some things did not get finished due to the driving rain. But many parents worked hard and the fields do look ready for game week. The weather cleared out and became nice later in the afternoon. Typical for Boise in the Spring.

That afternoon I had to take my Honda to the tire store and get four new tires. The car was pulling a bit at higher speeds and I knew they were starting to lose their treads. I’m not too worried about shelling out for new rubber on a twenty year old car. The peace of mind is worth it. Hopefully, it will make the car a better trade deal later in the year.

I ended the evening with a delicious turkey diner, home cooked by Laurie. Then the family watched the Mariners beat the A’s on the new big screen TV.  When the kids were watching the game, they started noticing things the players were doing were just like what I tell them to do on their ball fields. Go figure.

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