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Writing Update – Starforgers

I’ve closed out a chapter and managed to get half-way through another. Somewhere shy of 2,000 words for the week. I wrote mostly during my lunch breaks and once in the morning. This weekend I need to kick it up a notch and finish off the chapter I’m on – Chapter 18 and get the next one started.

I’m moving into the middle part of the novel, at around 200 pages now. All the characters and situations are set up and moving along at a good clip. The first major battle of the war is underway and surprises await both our heroes and our villains. Sorry I can’t get all detailed, that would involve spoilers. Not cool.

I’ve been writing some posts about Starforgers this week, trying to build excitement for the book, even as it is written. Those posts are getting more hits than usual for this blog, so I take that to mean that folks are finding those posts interesting. If you like them, please leave a comment so I know it.


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