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Tyrmia Only Ninety-nine Cents on Kindle!

You read that right, Tyrmia is now only ninety-nine cents on the Kindle. Don’t wait, get you copy now! This is a limited time, introductory offer.

Reviews are coming in on the Kindle Edition of Tyrmia.

“Tyrmia, is a feast for the senses, and not the typical sci-fi fare. Tyrmia seamlessly blends the high-tech background of the novel’s protagonist with a primitive rain-forest culture and steampunk urban civilization.” – Pandora Swift

“This is one of those ‘can’t put down’ books. The characters are unique and believable … The plot never slows down and he keeps adding more twists to the story. Enjoyed it completely.” – Angela Abderhalden, Author of Questionable Ethics

“It’s got the adventure, quest, action, visual, tainted love and a message to preserve the worlds resources all wrapped up in one. If you enjoyed Avatar you’ll love this too.”  Denise

“It begins and ends as SF, but between those two bookends it’s more like a mix of Burroughs and Verne.” – Bill Blohm

“Buy this book… it’s a mature and enjoyable read from someone who is becoming a standout young writer in the Pacific Northwest.” – Steve

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