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Wallpaper Rotation File for Ubuntu

If like me, you use Linux, specifically Ubuntu Linux, and you are a fan of my book covers this is for you. A background or wallpaper rotation file featuring the three covers of my SF novels.

First off, here’s the file you will need:

Unzip the file in your home folder. Then become root and move the file to the wallpaper folder on your Ubuntu boxen located here: /usr/share/backgrounds

The folder was created with root permissions. It contains three images of the book covers and an xml file that tells the Ubuntu how to rotate the images.

Right click on your desktop and bring up the Change Background program. In the bottom right hand corner is a selection dropdown that lets you see images or files. Chose files, so you can see the folder called covers and the xml file inside the folder. Point the program to that xml file. Then save it and every three minutes your desktop will rotate from one cover image to another with a 5 second fade. The timing is controlled by the xml file and is in seconds. You can easily change the time and add photos to the folder, as I come out with more books. Approximately one per year. ;-)

Let me know if you are successful at getting this going on Ubuntu or any Gnome distribution of Linux. Oh, and please, pass it on to whomever you think would appreciate it.

1 thought on “Wallpaper Rotation File for Ubuntu”

  1. Worked like a charm, once I figured out one thing. You must select the xml file to make it work and in order to do that, when you’re looking at the file listing as described in your post, you will have to change from Images to All Files in the dropdown at lower right.

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