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Modeling and the Muse

I spent a good part of my youth building models of spaceships and filming them. My friends and I had our own film studio and someday, we were going to make movies that would rival Star Wars. Well, that never happened. But those movies we wanted to make, live on now as SF novels.

We built our spaceships out of paper towel rolls and cardboard. We detailed them with plastic model bits and pieces and painted them with model paints. I still have some of those old models. They are pretty cool. We perfected the art of cardboard model spaceships. Today, I have kids that are into Star Wars Clone Wars the same way my friends and I were into the original series.

They like to look at my old models and imagine stories about them. I still do the same thing when I look at them. Recently I decided to build a new spaceship from cardboard using the same techniques I did as a teenager. My subject is the bad guy’s starfighter from my WIP – Starforgers called a KIV-3.

I’m documenting that process in a series of blog posts. But I wanted to mention something that I discovered while building this new model. The brain power expended in modeling is not always that taxing. It frees my mind to think about other stuff. Which in the case of writer means I can think about my story. There may be more models in my future. ;-)

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