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Short Story Collection

My first short stories are appearing on Amazon’s Kindle today. Some of you may be wondering why I’m publishing my shorts as e-books. After all, you can get a bunch of them cheaper by purchasing Tales From Ocherva, Volume One. Why would you buy them individually? Well, two reasons. One – you only want to sample my writing. And Two – you just can’t bear not having every single story I have published.

Actually, the collect-ability of the short story e-books might be something to consider. I have taken care to construct the covers so that they are unique to each Generation in the Starstrikers Universe. The First Generation stories all have light gray titles and the white marble side bar. The Second Generation stories have a darker gray for the titles and the concrete with a crack on the side bar. The Third Generation stories have the stainless steel side bar and white titles. So far only the First Generation stories are available. But in the weeks to come, I will have all my Starstrikers Universe short stories published.

I still don’t like Amazon’s Kindle icon over my book covers. All my books are written by Ken McConne. I refuse to alter my covers to make my own name visible on just Amazon’s site. The short story covers turned out pretty sweet, considering all the ideas I cycled through to get to the final version. My only regret with them is not putting numbers on them to show the order they should be read. Still pondering how to get across the universe’s time line to my readers. I may do the numbers in the next version. It’s not too hard to modify the covers. Even with so many of them released. I have eleven stories total to publish at this time. Nine of them are First Generation, and one each are Second and Third Generation.

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