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Final Cover Design for Short Stories

I finally got a chance to sit down and putter with Gimp this morning and finish the short story covers for the Starstrikers Universe. I decided to change the green color to a light marble, which is the color for the background of the Starforgers novel, when it comes out this time next year. I also dropped the short story text. I’ll just assume anyone looking at this on Amazon has at least half a brain and can read. I know, I like to live dangerously sometimes.

Here is the final look of all the covers.

The design is not very colorful, but it works great on e-readers and the stars conveys that the stories are Sci-Fi. I like this design well enough. The covers scale very well to postage stamp up to iPad size. It reflects the look of the Starstrikers novel and that branding is important for the stories. I will change the border background to concrete for the stories that are set in the same time period as Starstrikers and to brushed steel for the one story set in the Tyrmia time period. All of this will make more sense in good time. Trust me.

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