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Chapter Book Idea

My kids have been pestering me to write them a book. After all, I’m a writer and I tell great stories. So get on with it dad! My boys are ages 7 and 9, right in the middle of the Chapter Book age range. If I started writing one for them, it would only hold their interest for a few years. But I figure I could write several of them before they both moved on past that age group.

I’ve been thinking about a chapter book series set in my Starstrikers Universe. After all, why not capture my readers when they are young and then guide them into the adult books as they age? It works for many authors so no reason it shouldn’t work for me.

Details are kind of sketchy at this point, but I’m pretty sure the story will be about a family who owns and operates a transport ship. The mom is the pilot, the dad is the engineer and they have a few odd adult crewmen to help out. There is an android teacher and a strange alien pet that sneaks on board the ship and that only the kids can communicate with.

I’m letting my boys help me create the story and name the characters and such. We talk about it at bedtime every night. When we can get the story ironed out, I will sit down and write it. Chapter books are about the length of a long short story, so it won’t take that long. I still have to finish up Starforgers and that has priority right now. But after that, I will probably write one if not two chapter books in this kids series.

1 thought on “Chapter Book Idea”

  1. Thank you to my grandsons for keeping the idea alive:):) Thank you to my son for finally talking about writing a children’s book:):) This will really sell and make you famous Ken:):) Then we can all take a trip to Disney World or Croatia:)

    Love, Grandma Mary/Mom

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