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Starforgers Update

Just a quick update on the status of my WIP – Starforgers. I’m currently on Chapter 5 and sitting at around 30K words. Work on it gets preempted for Tyrmia as that book is edging closer to publication. I’m averaging about 500 words every half hour of writing on Starforgers. Lately I have been working on it during my lunch breaks and in the wee hours of the morning at home.

So far, I’m really having a blast writing this next chapter in the Starstrikers Universe. This is classic Space Opera and I so love writing and reading that genre. Starforgers takes place roughly 500 years before Starstrikers. So all the characters are new and different. The technology is less advanced but that doesn’t mean there is any less adventure. This book is shaping up to be a fun ride for the reader and should be much better on many levels than Starstrikers. Suffice it to say, if you kinda liked Starstrikers, you will really like Starforgers. Trust me.

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