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E-ARCs Available

The final proofing of Tyrmia is still in progress, but I can offer up HTML or RTF versions of the novel for reviewers only. If you have a book review blog and want to receive an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Tyrmia, please let me know.

The release date for the e-book version is early December and the POD version in Trade Paperback should also be available in December if not by January. Our final push to get the book out usually takes longer than I expect, due to waiting on proofs to come back from the POD company. The paperback will for sure be available in January of 2011, but it will carry a 2010 copyright.

You can schedule your reviews to air anytime. Just please send me a link, so I can spread the word. And keep checking back here for release schedules.

So what’s the book about you ask? Tyrmia a Science Fiction novel set in the Starstrikers Universe and is approximately 100 K words long. The book is most definitely Adult, and would garner an “R” rating for adult situations and language, if it were a movie. Unlike Starstrikers, which would be “PG”. Here’s the current back cover copy:

“Stranded on a jungle world where the native aliens are being hunted to extinction by descendants of her ancestors, Szeredy must protect the tribe that befriends her or suffer their fate. Leading her adopted tribe against the technologically advanced Votains is an impossible task that she refuses to accept until they leave her no choice.

Matching wits and military prowess with a powerful Votain Commander, Szeredy sets off to a distant land to try and end the violence against her new found Tyrmian friends. What she finds in the sophisticated and cruel society of the Votains pushes her to her breaking point. If she doesn’t survive to return to the jungle, her hopes for saving the Tyrmian natives perish with her.”

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