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Kindle Shorts

Amazon is going to start selling short fiction on the Kindle but it’s invitation only. I started out selling some short stories on the Kindle before I published my novels. I sold them for .99 each and they didn’t sell very well. But I think now might be a good time to bring them back.

It is better to have many items for sale on Kindle than just a few. In December I will have three novels and an anthology for sale on the Kindle. But if I publish some of my short stories I could boost my presence on the Kindle and perhaps add to my bottom line.

I just have to find the time to do it. Right now I’m fully engaged in getting Tyrmia out the door as an e-book and trying to write the first draft of Starforgers. So it may not happen until early next year.

What I’d like to do with the shorts is give them an easily recognizable cover that lets the reader know they are short stories and part of the Starstrikers Universe or not. Then I can format them for epub and upload them to Kindle. I might even make them exclusive to Kindle, so you have to buy them to read them. Right now, the few short stories I have are offered for free on Scribd. I’m now thinking that only a few shorts will be on Scribd the rest will be for sale.

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