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Proofing Tyrmia

Last weekend I took Tyrmia to Kinkos and made two copies. One for myself to proof and one for someone else to proof. That someone else turned out to be fellow writer Steve Bryan. We’re both hard at work with our red pens. The deadline is November 6th, but for me, I’d like to be done by this Sunday, the 24th.

So I have to read and proof about 150 pages tomorrow. No problem. For this proof, I’m reading from the end to the beginning. But I start at the beginning of the chapter and read to the end of it. The reason for reading backwards is to catch continuity errors and I’ve already caught a few.

The most common errors that I have found so far are typos and a few awkward sentences. But for the most part, I’m reading a mostly finished manuscript. When I finish this book and get it out, I’ll do a break down of the most common mistakes my editor found and the proofing found. I will also break down what changed per draft so you can see the progression of the story.

So when will this opus be ready for purchase? Hopefully in late November or early December. Definitely before Christmas.

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