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Tyrmia Progress

I made it past the halfway mark in the Tyrmia copy edits this weekend. I spent quite a bit of time outside and doing housework related things otherwise I would have gone further.

I’m really please with how this novel is shaping up. It’s my first SF novel that I can call my own in that the story was completely out of my head, and not a collaboration with my childhood friends. I came up with the story, outlined it and put over one hundred thousand words down on it. Its been through four drafts and nearly a dozen beta readers.

Its also the first novel I have written with the structure of the Hero’s Journey. So if you know what that is, you will understand why things happen in the story. Its also the first of what I hope will be many Planet based novels set in the Starstrikers Universe.

Oh, Tyrmia should be out in e-book form in time for Christmas, hopefully in time for Thanksgiving.

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