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Tyrmia Cover Coming Along

As I wade through the copy edits of my latest novel, the cover artist is making his way through digital paint creating a glimpse of the title characters – the Tyrmians. Jeremy Wynn is our cover artist for Tyrmia and he’s doing a bang up job. Below is a mock-up of the cover using his unfinished art and some crude fonts. The finished cover will be very similar to this in layout and design.

This is very similar to the sketch I did for Jeremy when I first asked if he could pull off the look we were after. He thought it was real doable and it turns out he was right. I love the texture and spots on the upper cheek and the skin color is perfect. The eye ball is the right size, but has not been detailed yet. Except for the fantastic light green coloring in the white of the eyes.

We’re going to tilt the frame to the right a bit and get rid of the eye brow. Tyrmians evolved in a humid rain forest and don’t naturally sweat much, as a consequence, they don’t have much body hair. The piece de-resistance will be the white glint in the eye. The glare will be in the shape of a white female human – the protagonist. But you won’t notice it until you are holding the book in your hands. At thumbnail size, it will just be a glint.

I like the title and author, together at the lower third of the cover. It looks simple, and clean and very eye-catching, forgive the pun.

3 thoughts on “Tyrmia Cover Coming Along”

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  2. whoa….
    that is awesome, especially on a net book and I had to do the scroll down to see it all, like a teasing reveal. Good work!!!

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