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Unexpected Surplus for the WIP

This morning I was able to copy over some older chapter bits on my WIP – Starforgers, from my Linux box to Dropbox and then over to Gdocs. I’ll explain that in a minute. The upshot is that I gained about 7,000 words on the total and an entire chapter. The odd thing is that the chapter I inherited is number seven. So I now have chapters 1, 2, 3 and 7 complete. At least according to my updated story outline. So now the word count is closer to 13,800. Not too shabby.

I wrote a few chapters of Starforgers years ago and had them stored on my Linux box. Today I copied them over to my Dropbox account where I could then access them from any computer in the house. Then I opened them up and determined that I could in fact use an entire chapter. So I copy and pasted that chapter into my Google Docs folder. I’m writing Starforgers entirely in Gdocs as an experiment. I’m always looking for new tools to use and Gdocs has incremental backups, and can be accessed by any computer, including my Droid phone. So it’s very convenient right now.

One useful document found in the mix was a fairly detailed description of the world building I’m using for this book. That document included maps and descriptions of politics and military abilities. Another useful document was a list of names to be drawn from for characters in the First Generation of the universe. I got into the habit of keeping lists of unique names to use in my SF stories years ago and it has always come in handy.

Chapter 4 of Starforgers is up next, in which we get to meet the villain! I love writing.

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