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Chapter One Complete

I finished the first chapter of my WIP this morning. It’s not perfect and I’m fairly sure it will change, but it’s in the can. Or at least on the servers at Google. I’m using GDocs to write this novel. Partly because of the revision capabilities and partly so that I can share out chapters to Alpha Readers and partly because it’s just so darn convenient. In a house with three computers, it doesn’t matter which one I’m on, I can still write to the same document.

Chapter One stats: 2220 words, 5 pages as it is now, single spaced. The template I’m using is single spaced and I find that more convenient than double spacing. When I download it to my computer and format it to standard manuscript specifications, it will be closer to ten pages. No worries that is within my target page length. It’s also not very complicated as my reading level is appropriate for a 13-15 year old.

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