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Interest Waning?

Wow, I increased the price from $ .99 to $2.99 for my e-books and suddenly sales dropped off to nothing. LOL Perhaps I should not check in on Sundays, typically a really slow day for Kindle sales. Everyone must be reading instead of looking for something new. I guess we’ll see if interest in Starstrikers is waning in the next few weeks.

Just an update on Tyrmia. Sent the final draft off to Angie, my editor yesterday. She was ready and waiting for it, so I wish her well in her task. Now my mind goes back to the outline for Starforgers. I would like to finish that up before I get the Tyrmia manuscript back from Angie. The thought has occurred to me that perhaps I should outline the next book – Starveyers too. While I’m in the groove. That would make more sense if they were not separated by a thousand years time. Besides, I have to keep moving on Starforgers so I can get through the first draft before the end of the year. It’s the only way I can maintain the pace I need to get it released next fall.

I have already mapped out the plot to Starveyers a few years ago and it should go rather quickly when I get to it next summer. If these books were a more closely related series or a trilogy it would have been necessary to outline them all at once, to maintain continuity in character and story arc.

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