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More Big Picture Infodump

I got up early this morning and polished off the final draft of Tyrmia. Now it’s ready to send off to my editor who will send it back so I can prepare the copy edit. Depending on how long it takes to edit and then fix and then do a final proof, it should be ready to publish by late September or October. But don’t hold me to that.

I really like Tyrmia. It’s quite a departure for me and I had some fun writing it. For those who may be new to this blog and my writing in general, here is an overview of where Tyrmia fits into the Starstrikers Universe.

There are three book ends if you will, of the Starstrikers Universe. Each book is set in a different time period in relation to the Great War between the Votainion Empire and the Western Alliance. In order these books are: Starforgers, Starstrikers and Starveyers.

Starforgers | 500 years | Starstrikers | 500 years | Starveyers

The three time periods are also referred to as generations:

First Generation | Second Generation | Third Generation

Tyrmia is set in the Third Generation or at a time when the Great War was over or during the same time frame as the final book, Starveyers occurs. All of my short stories and novels set in this universe fall into one of these three time periods. Most of the stories in the Tales From Ocherva anthology are set in the First Generation. One story is set in the Second Generation and the last story is set in the Third Generation. Confused yet? It’s really quite simple and each novel or story will be clearly marked as to which time period it is set in.

Not knowing that Tyrmia is set in the Third Generation of the Starstrikers Universe does not prevent you from reading it and enjoying the story. But knowing it, helps you better understand the wider story arc of the entire series of books. The three star books are sweeping stories that involve traditional Space Opera elements. The planet novels are more intimate stories that are designed to help flesh out the universe or reveal more about the motivations of people in the star series of books.

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