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Starforgers Outline Completed

Or at least the first draft of an outline. This being for my next novel, Starforgers. Because the web is a visual medium, here are some visual proofs of my labor. I did the outline in Google docs as a spreadsheet. Then I downloaded it as a PDF and printed it out. It is two and a half pages long in landscape mode.

Outline for Starforgers

Here is a close up. Warning, if you don’t want to know anything about this story, don’t try to read this picture. If you don’t care about having things ruined, go ahead and read it. It’s only the setup and first act.

Starforgers Outline CU

As long as I’m taking out the slide projector and setting up the screen, here’s a shot of Tales From Ocherva, Volume One on the nook. Nice!

Hey, it's my e-book!

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