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The New Kindle

I was holding out for the new Kindle before buying an e-reader for myself, and now I’m glad I did. The newest edition of the Amazon Kindle is available for pre-order and ships on 27 August. It looks much better than earlier versions and has a few new features like crazy long battery life and a sharper E-Ink screen. True to Bezos’s vision, it’s still just a reader not a color, touch-screen device. I have to agree, if all  you want to do is read fiction, a single purpose device is what you need.

I’m not saying there is no place for tablets and such, but when I read a good book, I don’t want distractions. Let the words transport me and immerse me in the story. Not the video inserts and flipping pages and the colorful images. Just saying.

Amazon Kindle

In other news, I ran across this listing of women programmers and thought I’d pass it on. And yes, they do exist outside of my fictional universe.  ;-)


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