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Plotting Time Ahead

The family is heading off to Tennessee to visit in-laws next week. I won’t be joining them. I start a new job that week and have to, you know, work and stuff. So while they are eating delicious Southern cooking and cruising rivers in boats and generally having a great time; I will be here, working.

Not entirely a bad deal for a writer, having nine days alone save for the dog and cat. I will be using that time to plot out my next novel and wrap up the final draft of Tyrmia. I’m looking forward to working on the Starforgers plot. The more detailed I can get, the faster the book will write in the fall. I don’t plan out exactly everything, but I will get a good handle on the story and the major plot lines.

I also have a short story to finish and some new books to read. Huh, reading in a quiet house; I don’t really know what that’s like.

3 thoughts on “Plotting Time Ahead”

  1. Thanks Steve! I’m going to be doing software build engineering. Looking forward to getting out of the testing side of the business.

    I’ll have streaming music to keep me from going stir crazy from the silence. If that becomes an issue.

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