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Weekly Writing Update

This week I’ve been working hard on the fourth and final Tyrmia draft. I’m about three fourths of the way through it. A few months ago I had some writer friends read the last draft and give me their comments. I got some really good feedback and compiled a hit-list of things to look at and or change. As I’m going through this final draft, I’m addressing those issues.

Tyrmia is quite the departure for me and it will be interesting to see if readers who enjoyed Starstrikers will like it. It’s still Space Opera, but it’s confined to one planet and the level of technology on the planet ranges from bow and arrow to Edwardian era technology the equivalent to WWI. Not quite Steampunk and not quite starships battling in space, Tyrmia is kind of doing its own little thing in one corner of the Starstrikers Universe.

I’ve also been thinking about a short story I started to write for the Federations anthology last year and then never finished. I need to finish it because it takes place maybe a year or two before my next novel, Starforgers. It might even be included in the Starforgers e-book as an extra. The story deals with the initial meeting between two main characters who will later go on to forge the Western Alliance – the good guy side of the Great War featured in Starstrikers.

I will get back into this short story and finish it before moving on to the outline of Starforgers.

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