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Luddite Update

My new old laptop, named affectionately – Luddite, is now sitting fine on Ubuntu 7.04. I can’t go any higher without losing support for the video driver. I don’t know what happens from 7.04 to 7.10 but it suddenly can’t find a good driver. I have access to the internet, something that did not work on 6.10. So now I can pull my documents from Dropbox, using the web client and work on them. I still have to manually upload them back to Dropbox, because the dependencies for 7.04 are not there for modern programs and I don’t want to mess with changing them.

So now I have a big, heavy and durable laptop from which to do all my writing over the summer months. Driven inside by rising temps in the garage, where my desktop computer lives. It’s name is Renoke and it has the latest version of Ubuntu – 10.4, Good Buddy. Sorry, I’m from the Disco era, you know?

I guess I have no more excuses for getting on with Draft 4 of Tyrmia.



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