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Kindle Sales Update

As most readers of this blog are already aware, I’ve released a new e-book anthology this week. It has been up on Amazon for a week now, but only officially as of last Friday. That was the day that Amazon published the product description.  As of Tuesday morning, Tales From Ocherva, Volume One is sitting at 22,484 and is on one best seller list. Not bad for having just become available.

Meanwhile, sales for Starstrikers continue to march along at a respectable clip. We passed the one hundred books sold marker yesterday. So it looks like we might be on the fourth month of over two hundred sales on the Kindle for that novel. Currently, its on three best seller lists and ranked at 2,979.

If you are a blogger or a book reviewer and are interested in obtaining a free copy of TFO, for reviewing, please drop me an e-mail. I have an epub version ready to send out.

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