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Open Source Programmers and Self Published Writers

As someone who makes his living in the computer field, I’ve always been aware of the two kinds of programmers. The ones who work for companies that sell highly polished programs in shrink wrapped packages and are sold on store shelves, and the other ones who work on their own projects that are usually less slick and given away for free. The former programmers make a decent living writing code for others to sell. All they have to do is write code. The later programmers do it for the chance to learn something new and make programs that they themselves want or need to use. These two programmers are known as Professional Programmers and Open Source Programmers.

In publishing there are similar types of authors. Those that just write, and their books are blessed by big companies and get packaged in slick covers to be sold on shelves, and there are those who write, and produce their own books, the way they want them made, and many times give them away for free or sell them for far less profit. The former writers make a decent living writing books that big publishers sell. All they have to do is write books. The later authors do it for the chance to learn something new and make novels that they themselves want to read. These two authors are known as Professional Authors and Self Published Authors.

Having written and used open source software for years now, I can completely see the similarities to self published writers. But I also use proprietary software, and I appreciate many aspects of it. Just like I also support and enjoy traditionally published fiction, just as much as I enjoy doing my own fiction, my own way. I try not to play favorites, but in the end, I will always gravitate to those who are doing their own thing, be they traditionally published or non traditionally published.

I’m not opposed to traditional publishing, nor am I completely committed to self-publishing. I just enjoy scratching my own itch and writing what I find entertaining. If an editor wants to buy it, cool. If only readers want to buy it, that’s cool too. Either way, my writing gets out there and others are able to enjoy it.

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