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Another Short Story

I wrapped up the last short story, “Slag” and started in on another. This one does not yet have a name but I will be submitting it to the Girls With Guns anthology this month. It features Devon Ardel and well, guns. The story has been on the “to do” list for a long time and so it should go quickly. Regardless of whether it gets into that anthology, it will probably be in Tales From Ocherva Volume 2, sometime next year. Provided I can get more shorts written in time for that release summer of 2011.

Next up on my plate will be to get cracking on the next draft of Tyrmia. I’ve received many good critiques from my writer friends and my job is well cut out for me on that one. The plan now is to finish up the GWG story and then get cracking on Draft Four of Tyrmia. I’d like to finish up that draft by the end of June and then send it out again for copy editing. So the final draft of Tyrmia will be the fifth version. I’m still aiming for a fall release date, probably September but it might be as late as October.

The paper back version of Starstrikers Second Edition is currently being copy set. I hope to be ordering the first version of that this month.  I’d like to get it released in June or early July. The Kindle e-book version is selling quite nicely and I’m sure there are some folks who would appreciate a paper version.

The Tales From Ocherva Volume 1, anthology is now scheduled for a June release. Again, it’s an e-book release only. I can’t wait to share that one with the fans of Starstrikers.

Finally, I’m still planning to start writing Starforgers this summer. This book will be really fun to write and even more fun, I hope, to read. How can you miss with android space pirates, Stellar Rangers and marauding Votainions?

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