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Kindle Numbers for April

Each month I have been reporting my earnings on the Kindle for my novels. In March the sales tripled form February. But in April, sales seemed to steady down a bit and climbed only marginally. Again, the reason for these numbers seems to be directly related to being on Amazon Lists. If you go to the book’s Amazon page, you will notice that it is on three such lists most of the time. When the book sells extremely well, I’m on the front page of one or more of those lists.  When it slides in sales, I’m either further down the list or not on one or the other list.


Daily Average: 9.4

Total Sales: 279

Starstrikers: 273

Null_Pointer: 6


Daily Average: 11.3

Total Sales: 236

Starstrikers: 230

Null_Pointer: 6

Selling 500 books in two months is not bad for an independent author.  I pocketed around $182 dollars in the last two months. Since it is darned near impossible to judge how much I have spent getting Starstrikers to this point, I’m using its sales to pay for the next novel, Tyrmia.  So I’m not likely to earn out anything until late in the year or possibly next year. But these numbers are in line for letting me do just that. Use the profits of the last book to pay for publishing the next book. After I have a few books on the market and they are each selling as well as Starstrikers, I believe I will start to see some profits.

Getting another book on the market sooner than later could help build excitement for my brand and my books. This summer I will launch an ebook only edition of my first anthology – Tales From Ocherva Volume One.  It will also sell for $.99 on the Kindle and all other digital platforms to include Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords, Sony and Barnes and Noble. So far, I have received no sales numbers for either of my books on those other platforms. Both books are in the premium catalog on Smashwords, so perhaps it is just a matter of time until someone notices them.

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