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Short Story Writing

I’ve been writing a few short stories this month, trying to fill out the TOC for my upcoming anthology. I’m using the stories in this anthology to flesh out my Galaxy Collision universe first brought to life in the novel Starstrikers. I spent many years developing the universe these stories are set in. Now I’m spending even more time developing a set of characters that exist at one time and on one particular planet – Ocherva.

Short stories are perfect for telling simple tales and using them to develop characters that you may intend to use later in novels. One of the principle characters in the Tales From Ocherva anthology is Devon Ardel.  She’s a tough as nails Stellar Ranger who leads a small band of rangers on the frontier world. When I start writing the prequel to Starstrikers this summer, Devon will be one of the main characters in that novel. If you have read the stories written about her before you read Starforgers, you will have a more complete picture of her and will hopefully also want to know more about her life and times.

The same goes for several androids featured in the TFO anthology. I have multiple origin stories in the anthology one for each of the androids and one for Devon. I’m telling you these things so that you can start saving up a dollar for purchasing the ebook only anthology this summer. I know that times are tough and your dollar could buy so much more than several hundred pages of exciting SF stories. Wait, just what else can you get for a buck these days?  Maybe a bag of chips or a soft drink.  So for the price of a snack, you can read ten interesting and fun stories about androids and rangers. That’s my kind of bang for the buck.

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