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Starstrikers Hanging Tough

Starstrikers sales are fluctuating wildly, but its still not completely out of the game. Some days I will sell only one, others I will sell fifteen. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. The average sales per day is still nine. I’m feeling the pressure to release something new. I will probably put up my latest short story on Scribd this week. Meanwhile, I’m still halfway through the second short story for the month. I think I’ll be able to finish that one this weekend and get it out to the Beta Readers.

If both of these new shorts turn out to be worthy, I will include them in Volume One of Tales From Ocherva. This will hopefully complete the anthology and allow me to start prepping it for release.  Byron has a very cool cover design for it and he’s almost done tweaking it to perfection.  Since the anthology will only be available as an e-book, he just has to design the front cover. Meanwhile, he’s busy type setting the paperback version of Starstrikers. I’m looking forward to having the Second Edition of Starstrikers in print.

In other news, SF writer Tobias Buckell is cleaning out his closet and making his Crystal Rain series of books available for order on his website. But you have to act fast, as he will close shop this Friday! I ordered the signed hardback of Crystal Rain, the only book in the series I owned in paperback.

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