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Droid in our house

I could no longer wait for the Nexus One on Verizon.  I had baseball practices and games to be at and I needed my cell phone to cancel them or otherwise coordinate my life.  My cheap, free phone from a few years ago had a dead microphone and my wife’s cheap, free phone was starting to lose it’s charge, and the ring tone only said, “Verizon, Wireless.  Verizon, Wireless”, which was kinda creepy. We both needed new fones now, not whenever.

So I took my chances and went with the Motorola Droid and upgraded my wife’s phone to a new LG flip phone.  So far I’ve had to fight off my kids in order to use the new Droid.  Especially the youngest who seems to think it’s his phone.  So I may be able to talk more intelligently about the phone, after I get some time with it at work next week.

As I mentioned in a Tweet, it’s somehow appropriate for a sci-fi writer to own and use a Droid.  So I’m not too miffed at having to settle for it over the Nexus One. So now the Macbook is out-numbered two to one by Linux computers in my house. ;-)

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