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Gunfighter Android

I was searching for a good cover idea for my next e-book, a collection of my Space Western short stories called, Tales from Ocherva Vol 1.  The head graphics guy at GB PRESS, Byron, sent me some links last night of web pages with art styles he thought would be appropriate.  I looked through them and was inspired by one particular Spaghetti Western poster.

The black hatted gunslinger pointing his pistol at the viewer really grabs your attention and the intensity in his blue eyes lures you into the poster.

The first short story in the anthology is about a gun-fighting android.  So I replaced the cowboy with my black android – Eighty-eight and voila, I had my cover.  Or at least a compelling sketch of it.  We’ll see what Byron can do to make it better.  Here’s my initial sketch.  It’s blurred due to the low light when I took a digital picture of my sketch.  But you can at least get the idea.

The sight of a mechanical man pointing a gun at you is a bit unnerving and attention getting.  He is also a shiny black color.

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