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Starstrikers Second Edition

I pushed the completed second edition of Starstrikers to Amazon Kindle this morning. So in a few days, you will see it live.  If you purchased the original version in the last two years on Kindle, you are eligible for a free upgrade.  Just email me and let me know you have purchased it on Kindle and I will send you a .mobi file that will work on your Kindle.  ken dot mcconnell at gmail dot com

Starstrikers does not have any copy protection BS on it, so you should have no problem adding it back to your Kindle or Sony Reader or what-have-you.  You can even read it on your computer.

This new version of the novel has been edited and otherwise spruced up from cover to the last page.  It should read easier on dedicated readers and it should have far fewer annoying copy editing mistakes.  It’s not without some errors, but it is far better than it ever has been.  I don’t anticipate any changes or updates to this novel for a good long time.  Heck it has been two years since I first started selling it on Kindle and only now is it getting a proper face lift.

When I can find the time, I will be updating this web site with the new version, but as of now, only the old versions are available for free.  When I do update this site, I will only be offering the free version in txt format and possibly a blog serialization.  If you want to read the book in a nicer format, it will be on Scribd for free in a week or so.  I’m no longer providing the various other e-book formats here on the web site.  If you need Starstrikers in a particular format, please purchase it from Smashwords.

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