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Tools of a writer

A common question that new writers ask is what tools do you use to write with?  I have used just about everything under the sun, from Vi to Scrivener.  What I use now, may not be what I use later, but it’s what I’m comfortable with.  Being comfortable with your tools makes all the difference.

I use a white, Intel MacBook, with 2 GB RAM and running OS-X Snow Leopard.  I write in Open Office Writer and I use the Open Office Calc program to do my outlines in.  I use the Mac Dictionary and sometimes a browser to do research.  I back up my files using Dropbox.  This arrangement lets me move from the laptop to the Linux box in the garage without being tied to either OS for a specific program.  On Linux, I use Ubuntu 9.10 on a 512 MB Pentium 2.

The Linux box is on its last legs and I would like to replace it with another laptop, probably an HP 13 inch model about the same size as the MacBook that I will install Ubuntu on.  But unless the MacBook dies on me, I will make due with these old machines.

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