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Tyrmia Update

I’m just starting to dive into the Third Draft of my latest WIP – Tyrmia.  I have a marked-up draft on paper with all the things I and others have found wrong with Draft Two.  I printed it out in 6 x 9 format, because it allows me some space to write in the margins.

Tyrmia Second Draft Edits

After I get through these edits, I will print it out again and then send it off to my writer buddies for some serious critiquing.  Once those changes are made, it’s off to my editor for the final draft.  Hoping to be to that point by early summer, so I can get it out for an early fall release.

The cover art for Tyrmia is being narrowed down to a final sketch.  We’re also working on the Second Edition of Starstrikers and trying to match the two books in look and feel.  Both novels are in the same universe but they are set in different time periods.  I will have two established series of SF novels set in the Galaxy Collision universe, the star books and the planet books.  Starstrikers is a “star” book and Tyrmia is a “planet” book. There will be three star books and they act as book ends to the entire series.  There will be many more planet books than star books in the series.

Anyway, we’d like the reader to be able to identify the books on the shelf with a quick glance.  So they will have similar elements but remain distinctly different from book to book.  Here is a sketch I did showing the spines of both Tyrmia and Starstrikers.

Proposed Spine Art for Coin and Planet Series Books

Both books use Bombardier font for author and everything not the title.  Starstrikers uses Bombardier for the title and Tyrmia will use Alpha Male Modern for its title.  The common elements are the placement of the title and author name and the planet/coin icons.  Colors and other design elements like the space field and the vines are unique to each novel.

This is just one small example of all the thought required to produce your own SF series of paperbacks.  There are many, many more things to think about from text font to chapter title layout and back cover layout.  As we come up with solutions, I will be posting here about them.


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