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Building an Ebook Pt 1

I’ve been collecting about eight of my best short stories and assembling them into an ebook anthology called Tales From Ocherva Vol. 1.  At this early point in time, I have woven the short stories into a single document and I’m now in the process of cleaning up the text from the cut and paste job.  There are lots of gray colored spaces and single spaces standing in for tabs.  All of that needs to be corrected to produce a clean document.  After the text is clean, I will go through and edit each short story once again.  My word processor for this step is’s Writer.

This anthology has two previously published stories and even they need edited.  After I have edited all the stories, I will print them out and then do a copy edit.  It’s amazing how many mistakes in formatting you can find when you print to paper for copy editing.  So even though this anthology will be an ebook only offering, it will get copy edited on dead trees.  No way around it.

I hope to have this anthology out some time this summer.  I only need cover art to finish it off.  Even this is somewhat easier than making a physical book, as I don’t have to worry about the back cover or spine.  At this point, I have no idea about the cover.  Any ideas from folks who have read some of the short stories I have written about the Silicants and the Rangers of Ocherva are of course welcome.

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