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Holiday Week

I’m off from the day job this week, but working hard on the writing job.  I’ve been working my way through the edited copy for the Second Edition of Starstrikers this week.  My productivity on it was great up until today, when the kids are at home with me and I have to entertain them.  I’ll still be working on it, but just not as quickly.  The goal is to get it ready for handing over to the interior designer in early January.

Starstrikers will be re-released in early Spring of 2010 with a newly edited text and a shiny new cover.  You can expect to see the updated E-book first, followed by the paperback.  It will be my second book released under the GB Press imprint.  Speaking of GB Press, you can now visit their newly created website.  Which was built by yours truly this week.  See, I really have been busy?

I’ve also been reading the ARC copy of Tyrmia and making notes to myself for the next draft of that novel.  The ARCs are out to my Beta Readers and I expect to have them back in late January.  So it looks like February will be Third Draft time for Tyrmia.  I will be hashing out the cover design for Tyrmia next week in Arizona with my brother.

I have not been thinking much about Kill Dash Nine this week, as the above projects have dominated my attention.  But I will be getting back to plotting it in January.  I expect to spend more time plotting that book than actually writing it.  If I do my outline the way I want to, it will be so detailed that I won’t have think about it much, just write.

Oh, and I recently set up a unique program called DropBox on both of my computers at home.  It lets you have a shared space on a backup server in the cloud and access it from any computer.  It works perfectly on Mac and Linux, and I’m using it to work on the Starstrikers copy edits.  If you are considering similar programs, definitely give DropBox a look.

That’s all for now, in case I don’t get another post off before the holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!  Oh, and buy my books please!  ;-)  You can pick up Starstrikers ($ .99) and Null_Pointer ($1.99) for your new Kindle or Nook on Christmas Day!

Oh, and don’t forget to join the forums on this web site!  Lots of discussions in much greater detail about my writing and my novels can be found in the forums.

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