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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-16

  • #idea Put High Def cameras on the bottom of airliners, feed into in-flight TV channel that shows off the views from below. I'd watch. #
  • Google's Wave named after communications in Firefly known as a wave or waving. I suspect Whedon was just shortening radio waves. #
  • I also point to Whedon using The Signal and people getting waves, come on, it's RADIO. Am I the only Ham who watches Firefly? #
  • "Books are souvenirs" — Seth Godin #
  • Starting my edits on Starstrikers Second Edition. I'm not fully awake yet, is that a bad thing? #
  • Inserted missing chapter, moving on to edits again. Going to be a long weekend. #
  • Flag football in 35 degree weather. Good times ahead. #
  • RT @natemcintyre Reading Null_Pointer by @kenmcconnell. Will post impressions when I am done. Hope nobody de-references it. =P — LOL in reply to natemcintyre #
  • WeRead, I want to like you, but you won't let me add my books. FAIL. #
  • Fixing copy edits is not my favorite part of writing. I know that comes as a big shock, but it's true. #
  • Back at work on copy edits. I hope to finish up today, but the yard mocks me. #
  • Writing some more character interviews for next week #
  • Not sure if anyone is reading them, but they amuse me. Especially the one last week with the dead character. #
  • Front yard conquered. Backyard survives for another day. Back to copy edits. #
  • A slew of free fonts can be had here -> #
  • Make Sunday school more fun with Klingon translation of the Bible! #
  • Free coffee does not taste good. Not even with real cream and sugar. #
  • Listening to Jazz Masters Vol Two CD. Johnny Griffin – Sophisticated Lady. Smooooth, sax. #
  • Now playing, Thelonious Monk – Something in Blue. #
  • RT@elakdawalla Oh my: lunar crater ejecta seen at 52 cm per pixel. – Love the third image. #
  • OMG! New Pink Martini CD – Hey Eugene! MUST HAVE NOW! #
  • RT @mightymur later this afternoon I will attempt to continue the ruination of SciFi WITH MY FALLOPIAN TUBES, BITCHES. #
  • Hot apple cider and copy edits. Mmmm, good. #
  • Copy edits finished. Bed now. #
  • Is Ping the only thing I can use to update and Twitter and Facebook? I'd really rather have an adobe client that did it all. #
  • Want a good book about computer cracking? The Cuckoo's Egg by Clifford Stoll. Read it. You won't regret it. #
  • Kid #1's flag football practice canceled. Now I only have to miss the first quarter of the BSU game for kid #2's swimming practice. Woohoo! #
  • Frank Deford, from NPR talks about my BSU football team. Game on! #
  • Windows 7 is not going to save you Mr. Dell. Acer just out shipped you and they sell cheap Linux boxes. #
  • CrimeWAV is back, bitches! Get your audio fix of crime fiction from my "Boy", Seth Harwood. #
  • Full video ads on web pages with written content, exactly why ebooks with web access are a bad idea. I can't read with the TV on my page. #
  • I must have been out of the country. I have never seen this: #
  • Worked my way out of a story predicament with the help of a friend. Thanks Mordrind! #
  • H1N1 flu virus protective measure #1 – salt water gargling. So easy, a kid can do it. #
  • My Ham Shack featured on a Flickr Group about Ham Shacks. #
  • My son's Swine Flu gargling clip. Made it himself and surprised us with it. #
  • Reading Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. #

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