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Interview with Psycho from Null_Pointer

As an ongoing promotion for my new novel, Null_Pointer, I will be interviewing some characters from the story.  Up this week is Nik “Psycho” Sikes.

My View: How did you get your name Psycho?

Pyscho: Contrary to what some have said, it’s not because of my last name.  It’s because I am in fact, psychotic.

MV: Right. Seriously?

Psycho: No, I jest.  Or do I?

MV: So just how many comic books are in your collection?

Psycho: Four thousand, three hundred and fifty-two.  Last time I updated my database.

MV: Do you keep them at your house?

Psycho: Hell no.  I have a temperature controlled storage unit for that.  I mean, I keep the current ish around for reading, but most of my collection are sealed away for freshness.

MV: I’m going to have to explore your “hobby” some more in future books.  Do you have any Manga?

Psycho: Nope.  Never got on that whole Japanese band wagon thing.  But many of my friends love the stuff.

MV: What’s the most secure computer system?

Psycho: The one that’s unplugged.  If someone really wants to get into your computer, they will.

MV: Have you ever been acussed of being a Black Hat Hacker?

Psycho: Of course.  Mostly by ignorant clients who have spent buku bucks on some air-tight security system and are embarased that I was able to crack into it so easily.

MV: Who is your hero in the security business?

Psycho: Easy, Cliff Stoll.  I read his book back when I was kid and he literally is responsible for who I am today.  You should read it – The Cuckoo’s Egg.

MV: Actually, I have. Loved it too, but it didn’t make me want to be a cracker.

Psycho: To each his own, man.

MV: Vi or Emacs?

Psycho: Emacs.  When I first started out in this business I learned from a book on Emacs and just kind of stuck with it.  But I’m easy.  I can use Vi or whatever is available.  Hell, I used to write stuff in Notepad back in the day.  That, my friend is hard-core.  Purely for the fact that it helps you in no way at all.

MV: Why Boise?  I mean, you could live just about anywhere doing what you do.

Psycho: I actually like Idaho, and Boise is just big enough to be useful and yet, small enough to not be too crowded.

MV: I like it here too. Thanks for chatting with me today Psycho.

Psycho: We’re done already?  Wow, that was fast.  Okay, have a great day!

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