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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-09

  • If you are in media, you need to watch this video with Leo Laporte. #
  • Full-on Stormtrooper costume for clones of the correct size. A little short for a Stormtrooper? Don't order it. #
  • My FB fan page. #
  • I have not been to in a while. Comic books, audio edit samples and more stuff than I ever knew existed. Wish I were 14 again. #
  • Happy 40th to Monty Python. I watched Holy Grail this weekend to celebrate. #
  • Writing about how I got the idea for Null_Pointer today on the web site. #
  • Character names from my novel Null_Pointer explained. #
  • Interview with Dancia Rivers, a central character in Null_Pointer. #
  • Eating a high fiber cereal while my son has a waffle. Sux getting old. #
  • Ordering Leviathan and Boneshaker tonight from Rediscovered Bookshop. Steampunk month for sure! #
  • October means corn candy and Spanish peanuts mixed together for that salty-sweet perfection. Mmmmm. #
  • Eerie, low fog over Boise today. Very spooky. #
  • Be nice if Amazon would put my book back for sale on the Kindle. Instead of keeping it in limbo for some unknown reason. #
  • Support Good Grammar, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! – #
  • RT @elakdawalla Last text message by LCROSS "SC03:Absolute Time Tagged Sequence A Execution Complete" at ~1 sec before impact! — cool #
  • That was the last message by the Centaur spacecraft. Recorded by LCROSS. My bad. #

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