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Twitter Updates for 2009-10-09

  • RT @elakdawalla Last text message by LCROSS "SC03:Absolute Time Tagged Sequence A Execution Complete" at ~1 sec before impact! — cool #
  • That was the last message by the Centaur spacecraft. Recorded by LCROSS. My bad. #
  • #idea Put High Def cameras on the bottom of airliners, feed into in-flight TV channel that shows off the views from below. I'd watch. #
  • Google's Wave named after communications in Firefly known as a wave or waving. I suspect Whedon was just shortening radio waves. #
  • I also point to Whedon using The Signal and people getting waves, come on, it's RADIO. Am I the only Ham who watches Firefly? #
  • "Books are souvenirs" — Seth Godin #

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