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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-02

  • Have you read Null_Pointer and always wondered what some of the places in Boise look like? Wonder no more. #
  • Is Free Software dead? Perhaps. But Open Source is thriving. #
  • My back list is having a banner month thanks to the Kindle sale. Interesting. I may have to drop the price of N_P next month. #
  • Cooking made us human. Fascinating stuff. #
  • Linux being marketed in Africa by Ubuntu and IBM. Why not here in the US? #
  • Obama appoints new copyright Czar. #
  • Another POV on the Google Books flap. #
  • Nice, I mention Obama and I get (pestered) RT'd by Socialism fear monger bots. #
  • Ubuntu's next login screen. I get the impression Karmic Koala will be more black than brown. I like it. #
  • Maybe just stop using IE cold turkey instead of using Chrome plugin or FF plugin? #
  • These starship designs bare a strong resemblance to the chunky designs I imagined for my novel Starstrikers. #
  • Been out this afternoon, come back on and find my Broncos are the number five college football team. Sweet! #
  • 1959 Bel Air vs a 2009 Chevy Malibu. You may be surprised at which car's driver survives a head on crash. #
  • OMG! Carl Sagan sings! Sounds like Kermit the Frog. Pretty cool. I love it. #
  • I need to order some books about Sociopaths to research for my next Joshua Jones Mystery. Any suggestions? #
  • RT @JeremiahTolbert Spread the word: I want to see more new space opera submissions at Escape Pod. Strongly prefer reprints as usual. #
  • Enjoyed Castle last night. I love how his body armor is black with block white letters – WRITER. As if that would give anyone pause. #
  • I might actually have to forgo the shorts and put on pants tomorrow. Brrrr. I love autumn. #
  • I have at least one thing in common with Cherie Priest, I despise black licorice too. Get her new book, Boneshaker! #
  • Is Microsoft trying to get more women to learn how to program? What's with all the pink here? Lame. #
  • Getting ready for the Pack meeting. I have nine Tiger Scouts this time around. Hope they all show tonight. #
  • Can't get Cyberduck to work on Snow-kitty. Crap baskets. #
  • Last day to take advantage of getting Starstrikers and three short stories for a buck a piece on the Kindle. #
  • Boise area Tweets, I'm having a book release party and signing at @RDBooks on 30 Oct from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Please join me! #
  • Nice review of Starstrikers at The LL Book Review. Maybe this is why I've had a good month with sales of the book. ;-) #
  • Null_Pointer now at over 10,000 views on @scribd. Nifty. #
  • Starstrikers now sitting at #25 in SF/Adventure in Kindle store. #2752 in all Kindle Store sales. Awesome! #
  • Lou Holtz is behind Boise State now. WTF? #
  • Just realized I'm a professional Windows OS user. I only use it when someone pays me to use it. #
  • A new branch on the human family tree. #
  • Cloudy with a chance of pebbles. #universeiscool #
  • Have you purchased your paperback copy of Null_Pointer? Show it off with a picture of yourself holding the book at : #
  • I wish my notes from High School were worth $150,000! WTF? #
  • RE: last post – #
  • The original IBM ThinkPad was leather covered. Wow. #
  • RT @wilw New post on my blog: this is the coolest picture you'll see all day – Nice! #

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