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Starstrikers Selling Well on Kindle

It’s been a banner month on the Kindle for my first SF novel, Starstrikers.  Of course I’m also running a special sale where it’s only a buck for the month of September.  So that may be generating interest.  Also, I think even for those affluent enough to own Kindles, getting a book by an unknown author for a buck, seems to make them more willing to take a chance on you.

For all of you Kindle users coming to me for the first time, my second SF novel will be out next fall and it’s called Tyrmia.  Head on over to the site for details on becoming a beta reader for Tyrmia.  Also, there are many SF short stories available on the Kindle and on Scribd.  So please, help yourself to the FREE buffet.

Oh, and my second novel, Null_Pointer is actually far better than my first.  Seriously.  You should check it out.

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