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Twitter Updates for 2009-09-16

  • The Moon and Venus were hand in hand this morning atop the Sawtooth foothills. Orion was fighting on high as I walked back from the gym. #
  • Good article over on SF&F Novelists today. All three of my novels pass the Bechdel Test, do yours? #
  • First rocky exoplanet finally found. Only the 5th such planet known in the universe. #
  • I'm going to really miss my garden fresh tomatos, for lunch. #
  • XKCD Volume 0 the book, is now out. #
  • Buying Dan Brown's new book? How about ordering something from an unknown author to balance your reading karma? #
  • Busy night, Scout meeting, football practice and diner some time after all that. #ParentBusyAsHeckNight #

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