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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-11

  • When I was a teenager, I had a Nostromo crew hat just like Bret wore in the movie Alien. Loved that hat. Lost it. ;-( #
  • Have you read my latest novel yet? It's all right there on Scribd. NULL_POINTER by Ken McConnell. #
  • Cableone internet is dragging this morning. Blast them! #
  • Well the kid's flag football team did good. 24-0 with his defense getting an INT for 6. Not that I'm keeping score. #
  • Wow, @MaryRobinette bought coffee at the same coffee shop my crit group used to meet at. Most famous SF writer to ever step foot there. #
  • I couldn't buy OSX Snow Leopard in Boise if I had cash in hand. Ordered it from Apple. Lost the weekend to upgrade because of it. #
  • Did I mention this was my last proprietary OS? It is. Soon as I reformat the MacBook to duel into Linux, goodbye paying for software. #
  • Hello freedom of rights and source code, hello Ubuntu. #
  • Chapter 57 completed on Tyrmia. About 1955 words written today, 96,506 total. Still, not done. The next chapter will be bloody. #
  • Part Two of Tyrmia complete. manuscript at 99,480 words. Part Three will be short, only a couple of chapters to wrap it all up. #
  • Current #WIP on track to be finished this week. Second Draft starts in October. I need to let it rest. Rewrite for first novel underway. #
  • Some degree of satisfaction passing the 100K mark on my #WIP the morning of my 44th birthday. #
  • Apparently a 100K word document is too much for Gmail this morning. Going to have to compress it. #
  • So happy the Viagra pushers are commenting on my novel. Who knew Null_Pointer was an euphemism for sexual endurance. Not me. #
  • RT @valrobertson My first book is officially for sale! And it's 10% off today. Go get it now, I am! #
  • Go get your copy of Val Rober's debut SF/Romance novel – Blade' #
  • s edge. #
  • Go get your copy of Val Rober's debut SF/Romance novel – Blade's Edge. #
  • Ok, nobody gets it. I just want an e-reader for sixty dollars. No internet, no ads, no color and no phone. #
  • So apparently, Patton did read Rommel's book, Infantry Attacks. Found the passage in War As I Knew It by Patton. Pg 166. Cool. #
  • Patton the movie – "Rommel… you magnificent bastard, I read your book! " #
  • Now you too can read Rommel's book – #
  • Homemade pecan pie and ground coffee for breakfast. #
  • Forcing myself to use Chrome at work all week. Still miss FF's book mark RSS feeds. How come nobody's copied that feature yet? #
  • My son was double and triple teamed last night during football practice. He still got through for a sack. Heh, heh. #
  • Chrome not so shiny today. #
  • I don't see the novel going multi-media anytime soon. Anything more than a simple podcast requires too many specialists to make work. #
  • OK, so how do you bookmark a site in Chrome? #
  • Is it me, or does Gmail kinda work badly under Chrome? Probably XP just not handling Chrome correctly. #
  • Many thanks to @MethodDan and Fabian of Linux Outlaws for mentioning my novel, Null_Pointer on their podcast. #
  • Having trouble hanging up the Closed sign at the end of this novel. I just want to keep writing. #
  • No, I do not NEED this bag of M&M's. I WANT them. Big difference. #
  • Not just for bathrooms, Lubuntu. #
  • Oh, I missed getting my first Porn tweet. Damn. Oh well, sure there will be more soon enough. #
  • Tyrmia First Draft FINISHED. 60 Chapters, 102,522 Words Total, 477 Total Pages. #
  • XKCD does Ender's Game humor. #

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